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PDC Core Bits


Product Description

Product Parameter
Bit Size
Total Cutters
Cutter Type
6 pcs/ct
Gauge Length(mm)
Make up Tarque(KN*M)
Operating Parameters
Rotary Speed(rpm)
Weight on bit(KN)
Flow Rate(lps)

This line of impregnated nature diamond core bit is for very hard and abrasiveness formations,which has double cone crown profile and heavy diamond density.

High quality TSP in the inner blade and gauge has high wear-resistant for longer bit life.
The unique nozzle design improved the cleaning and cooling,enhanced the ability cuttings evacuation.

Manufactured with very small, high quality natural diamonds mixed evenly through a metal matrix. The matrix hardness is chosen to suit the hard rock , so that it wears evenly throughout the life of the bit, exposing new sharp diamonds for cutting the formation efficiency.
Impregnated bits are designed to work as grinding tools and must work at relatively high rotation speeds, high bit loads compared to other types of diamond bits. It is essential that impregnated bits are well-cooled by the flush to prevent premature bit failure (air flush cannot be used with impregnated bits).

Ultra-abrasion resistant
Maximize penetration rates
Much lower cost per metre compared with diamond core bits imported from emerging economies
Acquire better core.




  • Q Is your company a distributor or a manufacterer?

    A Yse,We are a professional Rock Bits manufacterer SX BITS in China.
  • Q How about your products?

    A Yes, All of our activities are accredited to ISO9001:2015,both in products or services, at the same time,mature production technology ensuring the quality satisfy international request.We have many high quality products.
  • Q What is the Packaging&Delivery?

    A We used high quality export cartons or standard export wooden cases.
  • Q When is the time about delivery?

    A The lead time depend on quantity of order.Usually shipped by sea,small order or urgen order we can sed you by air after received your agreement.According the distance form China to your port,usually form China to European about 25 days.To West of American 20 days.
  • Q How to order products?

    A Send inquiry with detailed product description or with Model number.If there is no packing requirement, we will take it as sea-way packing.If possible, please attach a reference picture to avoid any misunderstanding or any links form our website for we get a better understanding.
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