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Hebei Zhongxing Hongli Rock Bits Manufacture Co., Ltd.is a Roller cone bits and PDC bits manufacturing enterprise, our bits basing on high-tech skills and designs are used in the exploitation of natural gas, crude oil, water-well, geological exploration and so on. Tri-cone bits are from 3 3/8 to 28 inch, both milled tooth and Tungsten Carbide Insert Bit with metal seal and rubber seal.

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New technology of PDC bit to improve drilling speed of drilling machinery
November 04, 2019

As North America further strengthens the exploration and development of oil and gas, the drill bit designer has adopted new technology and introduced two new products, which have the largest drilling capacity: a tapered PCD component can break rock more effectively at the center of the drill bit. In

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Siccar Point Energy Spuds Exploration Well
November 04, 2019

UK-based Siccar Point Energy has begun its 2019 drilling campaign by spudding an exploration well at the Blackrock prospect. Blackrock targets multiple reservoirs similar to the ones underlying the neighboring Rosebank field. If successful, the Blackrock prospect will add substantial resources and d

Bionic technology in petroleum engineering
November 04, 2019

In the field of reservoir research, in recent years, the biomimetic shape memory polymer material can be freely deformed under the control of transition temperature. The bionic packer is designed to protect the well from the downhole fluid properties. Completion needs. The concept of "bionic pattern

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